70 KW Solar PV System at Karakurum International University Gilgit

Installation of 70 KW Solar PV System at KIU, the biggest university in Gilgit-Baltistan for Computer department Electrification in 2010 is another key project by CES. The system supplies off grid electricity to the Computer department of the university on 24/7 basis.

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272KW Solar PV System at Fauji Foundation Complex, Kot Ghulam Muhammad, Sindh Pakistan

CES provided Fauji Foundation Complex located in Kot Ghulam Muhammad, Sindh Pakistan, an efficient and economical solution to cater all the basic electrical requirements during day time by installing 272KW Solar PV System at the campus. The system offers a 100% electrical supply to Fauji Foundation complex which comprises of a Primary school, a vocational institution, a boarding house and a medical dispensary. The system saves the organization, a huge amount of money by cutting down its electrical expense on monthly basis. One more efficacious project done by CES for one of its prestigious clients!

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HydroPower T&D , Pre Paid Energy Meters Installation in Pawoor /Lasspur Chitral Pakistan

Laid down the network for 800KW hydro power transmission and distribution by using ABC cable lines throughout 54 villages. Also setup the complete system for prepaid billing of electricity.

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3KW Solar PV system at Installation at K-2 base Camp

Assisted Italian Company EVK2CNR to install weather station at Urdukus near K-2 Base camp and also provided 3KW solar PV system to feed that weather station.

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