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Smart Virtual Power Grid

Complete Energy Solutions SMC Private Limited team has launched a project “Smart Virtual Power Grid (SVPG)” after 4 years of experiencing problems in development, installation and projection of Green Energy technologies especially in Pakistan. Through SVGP technology we will be able to eliminate the cost of Transmission and Distribution power lines which is usually 40% of any electrical power source project. Secondly it will help in adopting renewable resources (especially Solar PV and wind mill) rapidly on mass level. The line losses of transmission and distribution of electrical energy is 10-12% in West and Europe whether in Pakistan it is 35-40%. With SVPG technology it will decrease to 1-2%. The distributed scheme of the SVGP technology is very beneficial, as every house has an independent power source connection in case of fault or disaster only single house power will go down not like the previous Transmission and Distribution scheme in which any fault occur the power disappear in all the houses connected with the mega Grid. SVGP used only low rating equipment which also minimizes the occurrence of any disaster. SVGP technology allows us to connect 10 houses to each other that can share electrical power sources especially produced by Solar PV and Wind Mill plants installed on their rooftops. Further these micro grids are connected to their neighboring micro grids making a cluster of micro grids that can share electrical power to only neighboring micro grids only. The power limit for individual micro Grid is 200KW.

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